Focus Time

Want to focus better on what you're doing? Focus Time is a beautifully designed timer for people using the Pomodoro Technique®.

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Also available on the Mac App Store.


Time to Focus

How many times have you said "I'm really going to focus today" and later realize that you've been distracted by Email, Facebook, etc.

The key to the pomodoro technique is that you only have to focus in 25 minute chunks. Then you take a break and start again.


Distraction Free

Focus Time can work in the background, automatically waking when your work period is complete.

That way, the only thing you're thinking about is the work you're getting done.


Graph Your Progress

Once you've used Focus Time for a little time, you can view a graph of the number of pomodoros completed per day or week.

You can also record work you completed while not using the app so that it's included in the graph.

Customer Testimonials

"Focus Time for iOS is a good-looking and elegant Pomodoro timer for the iPhone that will keep you on track and keep you motivated to continue."


"Extremely minimalistic UI. App does what it's supposed to do. Has a beautiful and simple interface. I have been using it for over a year now."

Carlos D Morales Duran.

"No other app out there has been as good at helping to keep me on point and focused when working than this one. It's simple and it works. Nuff said. "

Young Skwyre