Focus Time

Want to focus better on what you're doing? Focus Time is a beautifully designed timer for people using the Pomodoro Technique®.

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Universal app supporting iPhone and iPad devices.

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iPad Support

Focus Time is a Universal app and is designed to work on all iOS device sizes. On iPad, you can also use in a landscape orientation.

Earn Stars

Complete pomodoros to fill in the row of stars on the home screen (don't worry - you can earn more than 8!).

Graph Your Progress

Once you've used Focus Time for a little time, you can view a graph of the number of pomodoros completed per day or week.

Work Your Way

Maybe you'd like to work for longer and take a shorter break? Change the alarm sounds when the pomodoro or break is over? Everything is configurable.

Easy To Edit

You can also record work you completed while not using the app so that it's included in the graph. Just tap on the entry in the history view and correct the value.


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